2022 – If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!

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It’s a wrap! 2022, another year that went by in a flash. What promised to be the “Back to normal” year didn’t turn out exactly as planned, but what does! It was a challenging but educational year for Proactiv Sports and the kids sports coaching industry in Singapore. We faced many obstacles and challenges, but as a team, we were dynamic and creative in times of adversity. We will enter 2023 more resilient and united than ever, ready to grow and develop into one of Asia’s leading sports coaching companies. As the cliché goes, if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger!

Challenges we faced

The COVID nightmare was ever-present in 2022. It took until September for most schools to have their full ECAs (extracurricular activities) back to full capacity. Thankfully we were able to provide an array of programs at Prodigy: Multi-sports, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Parties and Holiday camps to make up for the slow first half of the year. 

Our school holiday camp numbers were much lower than anticipated with families finally being able to travel again! But it was great for everyone’s mental and physical health, especially our team at Proactiv Sports to travel out of claustrophobic Singapore and to see their families and friends again after such a long time. Everyone scratched their travel itch and came back rejuvenated to ensure we provide the best experience possible for your children. 

Manpower and rental expenses have increased to an all-time high, so the hustle was real and we upped our offerings in schools, condos, clubs and at Prodigy.

Major achievements in 2022

Events were back in full swing in the second half of this year and it was great to be part of some amazing family fun events. 

  • We ran an amazing sports race in Sentosa for over 100 Mind champs families. It was fantastic to see families having the opportunity to be active and healthy again!
  • At our Prodigy in Katong, we hosted numerous school sports days for our Kindergarten and preschool partners. It was the first time schools had a sports day in over two years.
  • But the highlight was our Katong Point Halloween event which was a joint effort together with other tenants. Over 500 families attended on the day and it was definitely the place to be this Halloween. Trick or treating, Face painting, photo booth, haunted house, Disco party and many more fun, engaging activities for kids and parents. 
  • We became the official holiday camp partner for the International French School where we held our popular multi-activity camps for over 600 students in 2022. 
  • We extended our contract with the Singapore Sports Hub to ensure we will be offering our Multi-activity camps and Multi-sports programs at the best sports facility in Asia!
  • We introduced new thematic Holiday camps and Birthday parties at  Prodigy which were a huge success. Pokemon, Minecraft, Superhero, Ninja, and Olympics to name a few. We even partnered with Studio BTY to provide architecture workshops. Creativity at its best from team Proactiv Sports. 
  • We introduced special needs classes at Prodigy because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to play sports. 

We plan to introduce some popular new programs for your child to try in the new year. We are always trying to improve our offering, our customer experience and most importantly our team to ensure you and your child have the best experience ever at Proactiv Sports!

We will be hosting more family sports events for the community. Our goal as a company is to improve the health and well-being of all families in Singapore and throughout Asia.

Proactiv Sports is coming to Sentosa! After so many requests we are arriving in Sentosa in early 2023 to run our weekly sports classes and Holiday camps! Sentosa peeps are you ready to be (Pro) Active?


We are so blessed to have such amazing partnerships with our schools, kindergartens and sports clubs & the Singapore Sports Hub that allow us to deliver our passion on a daily basis to their children. We thank you all for supporting us in 2022 and we look forward to working with you all for many years to come. 

To our kids and parents, you are the reason we get up every morning with a smile on our faces. Thank you all for the continued support and for making the effort to ensure your family is active and healthy. You will reap the benefits in the future!

Finally, to our amazing team of coaches and super pro-office staff. Without you, Proactiv Sports doesn’t exist. Continue to grow and develop as a team and we will inspire the next generation together!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

See you in 2023,

Will & Team @ Proactiv Sports


Lookback at 2022 with our special Year-In-Review presentation. 

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