Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim
why your child should learn to swim

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“More than just a life skill”, that is the Swim4Kids motto. Swimming is imperative to a child’s development and safety. At Swim4kids we not only teach your child how to swim but we also reinforce the core principles of all our classes; being part of a team, following instruction, building confidence and having FUN. Our swim program is progressive and your child will move through the different levels each term constantly learning and being challenged.

With so much access to water in Singapore; at your home, local pool, the sea, at school or on holiday; there is constant exposure to risk. Constructive swimming lessons from a young age can increase the safety of your child in multiple potentially dangerous situations.Your child can develop a love for the water and become comfortable in swimming situations. They can realize the dangers of this environment and perform the appropriate response to ensure their safety.
Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Why Your Child Should Learn To Swim

You constantly hear the phrase: “Swimming is a life skill” but most importantly, swimming is the only sport that can save your child’s life. According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children ages 1 through 14. It is absolutely crucial that all kids know how to swim at a young age.

Swim4Kids classes cover the following;

1 – FUNdamentals. We make our classes enjoyable for kids, lots of laughs lead to lots of learning. Your child will learn the fundamental swim techniques and safety measures.

2 – Comfort. We teach children to be confident by themselves in the water. They learn how to float using aids, recover to the side and the consequences of letting go of their swimming aids. Comfort and confidence lead to an appropriate reaction when faced with water.

3 – Technique. We can confidently say that all of our coaches are well versed in coaching your child from the infancy of swimming to full competitive stroke swimming. With our teaching approach, they will not only learn how to swim, but why their actions have the reactions they do (we find this fundamentally critical). Whether your child wants to just splash around in the water or compete in the school squad team, Swim4kids have you covered.

Knowing how to swim is a lifelong skill and is often used as a setting for parties, social meetings and fun days out, so it can put your mind at ease if your child is confident in the water.

Long-Term Development and Health

Swimming is regarded as one of the highest rated sports for increased cardiovascular and muscular development. With almost zero impact on your joints, there is very little chance of a compact injury. The nature of holding your breath in the water is very good for lung strength and has often been recommended to those suffering from asthma as a way of training their respiratory system.

Swimming was ranked in the top 5 healthiest sports by Forbes (2017). Two of the top five were extreme sports, putting extreme stress and injury probability on the body. The other main sports were squash (for its anaerobic stresses) and rowing (for its muscular endurance and cardio gain).

So why learn to swim?

In a nutshell; you will be safer, healthier and have more fun.

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