School Holiday Woes

School Holiday Woes

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Why exercise is essential during school holidays

Oh, the school holidays. Waking up late, eating all day, and lazing around watching TV or playing video games – it’s the stuff kids’ wildest dreams are made of. As a parent, it’s natural to want your child to kick back and live out their idyllic conception of a good school break. However, research suggests that for the sake of your child’s long-term health, you should be wary of school holidays as it is one of the most unhealthy times of the year for a child.

According to research, only about 25% of children get the recommended amount of daily activity. And with PE out of the picture during the school break, activity levels decrease even further.

1 in 5 parents also noted that during the holidays, their child would snack more frequently out of boredom. Compared to any other time of the year, parents let their kids consume up to five times as much sugar during school break. Combined with the sedentary lifestyle that is all too easy to fall into, children’s BMIs can be significantly worsened. 

Benefits of Exercise during the School Holidays

Aside from keeping screen time at bay, enough physical activity brings about a range of benefits.

“Exercise is incredibly important for children,” agrees Dr. Jeff Foster from TFJ Private GP Services. “Not only does it help to prevent obesity, keeping active can help to avoid future health problems. Plus, if exercise is taken outside, this helps to keep kids’ vitamin D levels topped up.”

Second, staying active can help children to feel more positive.

“As well as the physical benefits, exercise ensures our children get plenty of endorphins, which help them to feel upbeat and happy,” explains Alex Taylor, Children’s Fitness Coach.

Third, keeping active during the holidays can also help kids prepare for school’s resume. Good physical health can improve classroom performance by increasing cognitive functions. This will also help them in becoming equipped for a new social environment.

Sign your child up for a Sports Camp!

With kids recommended to get at least sixty minutes of physical activity a day, parents should try to nurture a love for sports in their child from young. Give your child that extra ‘push’ by signing them up to one of our Holiday Sports Camps.

By making exercise fun, children’s motivations will be kept high. With an endless list of sports and activities, kids will never get bored and be 100% engaged throughout the whole week! Kids will be more encouraged to play sports as they will be meeting new friends in the same age group. 

Here’s a sample schedule of our Full Day Camp at OCBC Arena

Monday: Soccer, Frisbee, Athletics, and Team Building 

Tuesday: Tennis, Rugby, Floorball, and Arts n Crafts 

Wednesday: Tae Kwon Do, Dodgeball, Basketball, and Dance 

Thursday: Tennis, Baseball, Kickball, and Science 

Friday: Karate, Soccer, Dodgeball, and Sports Day

Learn more about our Holiday Camps! Your child will totally love the experience! Visit our camp page to learn more.

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