Game On! Multi-Activity Challenge

Get ready to level up your game at our “Game On!” Challenge! Dive into a week of non-stop action, where each day brings thrilling challenges and adrenaline-pumping competitions. From basketball showdowns to soccer face-offs, campers will hone their skills, ignite their competitive spirit, and forge lasting friendships. The camp is designed for sports enthusiasts of […]

Spidey & Amazing Friends Multi-Activity Camp

Step into the world of our friendly neighborhood Spidey at this extraordinary camp! Geared towards helping kids unleash their super skills, participants will engage in a thrilling mix of sports activities, from web-swinging-inspired games to agile challenges that mirror Spider-Man’s dexterity. The adventure continues with an East Coast Park expedition, where campers can conquer climbing […]

Pokemon Multi-Activity Camp

Power up your XP by learning new sports and improving your skills, hatch and catch Pokémons, collect rare cards from every challenge and so much more! Enjoy a variety of Pokemon themed games and activities.