SUPER MARIO multi-activity CAMP

Jump into adventure with the Super Mario Multi-Activity Camp! Join Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and all your favorite characters for a week packed with fun and excitement. From fun sports to obstacle courses, and scavenger hunts to arts and crafts inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom, there’s something for every aspiring hero or princess. Come explore […]


Embark on an epic journey where LEGO City meets the blocky landscapes of Minecraft in our Sports & Multi-Activity Camp! Dive into the immersive worlds of both LEGO City and Minecraft as you participate in a wide range of thrilling activities. From building towering skyscrapers to mastering Minecraft challenges, and from soccer tournaments to obstacle […]


Power up your XP by learning new sports and improving your skills, hatch and catch Pokémons, collect rare cards from every challenge and so much more! Enjoy a variety of Pokemon themed games and activities.

Spidey & Amazing Friends MULTI-ACTIVITY Camp

Step into the world of our friendly neighborhood Spidey at this extraordinary camp! Geared towards helping kids unleash their super skills, participants will engage in a thrilling mix of sports activities, from web-swinging-inspired games to agile challenges that mirror Spider-Man’s dexterity. The adventure continues with an East Coast Park expedition, where campers can conquer climbing […]

Wilderness Explorer MULTI-ACTIVITY Camp

Explore the great outdoors in this 5-day camp! Apart from sports, little rangers will learn survival skills in the wild as they explore East Coast Park and take on an exciting week of adventure.