Kids Driving You Crazy? Activities to do during the Summer

Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Kids Driving You Crazy? Activities to do during the Summer
Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Kids Driving You Crazy? Activities to do during the Summer

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Here’s 8 Ideas you can do in Singapore during the Summer to Entertain your Kids


Monopoly has most probably caused more arguments than it’s solved, however, it is a great early introduction to teaching the children the value of property & rent. Who knows – it could even be an excellent gateway to encourage them into reinvesting their pocket money and start paying rent today! Of course, there are a host of other board games out there, the vast majority of which have their benefits teaching social dynamics, competitiveness, problem-solving and basic maths. Try it!


I know what you’re thinking… you’ve already completed this one? WRONG! Take the time to buy in a few ingredients for making homemade smoothies! It’s a great opportunity to get the kids kitchen-friendly, teach them about healthy eating & drinking, as well as a tasty way to confirm what a kitchen genius you are. Plus no one saw you slip in that slither of gin.


Not a day goes by that I don’t wake up feeling like a 1000pc jumbled up jigsaw in a box, with a few pieces missing. So set aside that metaphor for your crazy, jumbled messed up life and take control! There’s something satisfying about each stage of a jigsaw, from creating the edges to colour matching each segment to slotting in the final piece of the puzzle that you’ve wrestled out of your child’s hand as they ask “here?” for the 400th time whilst putting the piece quite clearly in the wrong place & the wrong way round!!! Ahhhhh, bliss.


So turn it into one! With your little princes and princesses perhaps testing the monarchy; instead, get them to test their creativity and engineering skills to create a home fort. Secret passages, big cavernous rooms, and cosy little dens. Truth be told, we never grow too old for enjoying a fort made out of a couple of duvets and some furniture. And if nothing else, you might be able to enjoy 5 minutes of your own time in there as the fort muffles the sound of you crying into your wine/beer/smoothie (delete as applicable)

5. Boxing 

No no no, don’t punch the kids in the face!! It’s slang for watching box sets. Okay, so watching TV may seem like a bit of a cheat, but sharing genuinely captivating and educational television is still a time-honoured & successful way for the family to connect. Whether it’s David Attenborough’s soothing tones as he wanders the earth via your TV, or the latest sports documentary on the accomplishments of men and women – there’s something for everyone. Hell, anything other than Peppa bloody Pig, am I right?!

6. Get Baked

The fridge is empty (your fault), your patience is empty (the kids’ fault) and everyone in the house is hangry. Solution? Break bread with your enemies by baking bread! Another kitchen-themed activity has loads of benefits for you and the kids (at least a bakers’ dozen I’d say). It improves reading literacy, maths & measurement skills and even enhances their fine-motor skills because they definitely won’t drop any flour anywhere in the kitchen. Plus, if they learn to love it, you can wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread every lazy Sunday morning! Possibly.

7. iGive you Permission 

There might seem some stigma attached to handing a child an iPad (other brands also available), but the reality of life today is that kids are extremely proficient with technology in their hands. Of course, too much screen time is a negative, but every week there are new, fun and educational apps designed for kids added to the vast libraries that keep kids tuned in, learning, creating and socialising. And, because they’re so popular with kids, you can even leverage their usage against some house chores for them!

8. Banish Them

So technically, this isn’t spending time with them, but hell you’ve tried everything else under the sun, and yet still spent the last hour answering a dozen questions that start with “whyyyyyyy”. There are lots of people out there prepared to take your terrors off your hands for a few hours, giving you some much needed time & space, and giving them engaging, challenging & fun activities to do.
Our multi-activity summer programmes have been running in Singapore for years now, keeping children active, helping to boost their immune systems, battling obesity, and learning a host of new skills in the process so take a look at what’s available this summer here.

So there it is… 8 things you can do to keep the kids entertained this summer! Enjoy!


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