A Day In The Life Of A Holiday Camper


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What happens at condo camps?

It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining, you have packed your child’s backpack with a snack, water bottle, hat, sun cream, bug repellent, hand sanitizer and you are on your way to one of ProActiv Holiday Camps with your child, who may be feeling nervous and anxious at the same time (often parents as well) but don’t worry, our professional and friendly staff will make those feelings of uncertainty disappear!

9 am – Registration

You arrive and are greeted by smiling members of the ProActiv Sports team, introducing themselves, asking your child’s name, age, and gives them a big high five; this really helps in easing both your child’s and your nerves. 

The camp leader checks if your child’s details are correct and signs them in. Your child then gets assigned to a group and sits with the other children. Kids will be grouped according to age There will be a maximum of 5 in each group following COVID safety precautions.

9:15 am – Let’s Get Started! 

The group is led off to their first activity, some parents leave whilst a couple stay around to watch, some parents choose to watch the start just to make sure their child is settled. At ProActiv Sports, we understand this can make it easier for a parent and is completely up to you. Your child is straight away involved with the activities led by their coach so you decide to head home knowing they are in good hands and about to have a great day.

10:50 AM – SNACK TIME!

After an hour they have learned new skills, taken part in a range of drills and completed challenges which brings the session to an end. All the children head over to have their snack and drink, the coaches instruct everyone to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before having their snack and maintain safe distancing while eating.

11:50 – 12 PM – HOME SWEET HOME 

You arrive to pick your child up, you sign them out and collect them from the coach who tells you what a superstar they have been today, gives them a high five, and tells them they are looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. 

As you leave you to ask your child how was their day and they can’t wait to tell you about the fun they have had and all the things they have done and learned; and how they are already looking forward to tomorrow’s camp. As a parent this is exactly the reaction you want to see when you collect them, they have had the opportunity to experience new sports and activities, meet new friends,  improve their confidence and most importantly have FUN!

Here’s a Condo Camp Sample Schedule of Activities

Monday: Soccer, Frisbee, Swim Games

Tuesday: Rugby, Athletics, Karate

Wednesday: Basketball, Tennis, Fun Games

Thursday: Frisbee, Dodgeball, Team Building 

Friday: Soccer, Sports Day, Fun Games

Guaranteed 100% hassle-free, our condo camp is the perfect activity for your child this school break! No more travel plans required! As a parent, you get to have much-needed time for yourself while your child haves fun in your condo premises. What more can you ask for? Gift them an amazing experience this October Holidays! Camps happening on 12th – 23rd October! Register now!

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