Cute or Uncoordinated? Does your Child’s Clumsiness Mean Something?

Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Cute or Uncoordinated? Does your Child's Clumsiness Mean Something?
Singapore | ProActiv Sports | Cute or Uncoordinated? Does your Child's Clumsiness Mean Something?

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Every kid has their own way of being quirky, awkward or uncoordinated.
While this might seem cute to most parents, there are some signs that you should never disregard.

Here are 3 signs to know if your clumsy child may actually need help.

1. Difficulty in Developing Gross Motor Skills

Starting from infancy, there are a few indications to know whether your child’s gross motor development is in check. As early as 6 months, they should be able to get up on all fours, walk while holding a toy at 1, roll a ball at 2, walk on tiptoes at 3, and throw a ball at 4, etc. If your child is finding these difficult they might need help to boost their development.
Fun strengthening activities are a good way to start, an example will be animal walks. Check out our kids’ workout videos here.

2. Challenged with Everyday Movements

We all know that falling over a lot is a common part of childhood, but in school-aged children, finding it difficult to execute everyday movements like walking up and down the stairs, moving around the playground, or running back and forth without tripping might mean that they lack coordination.
Playing sports could be a great way to overcome this. Repetitive movements in sports as simple as throwing and catching a ball or running sideways would go a long way in stimulating their coordination development.

3. Lack Spatial Awareness

Another sign of motor coordination issues is lack of balance. It could be as simple as putting on clothes while standing and losing balance or always bumping into furniture edges or doorways, etc. Some great ways to help children become more aware of the space around them are fun games including, Hopscotch or Simon says and also sports such as Gymnastics, Athletics or Taekwondo. And of course, social motivators, such as having a friend or sibling to do it with them will make a child more persistent in participating in these activities. Our summer programmes might be the perfect solution, click here to learn more.

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